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What is Bubble tea?

Bubble tea goes by several different names, such as Bubble tea, Boba, Pearl Milk tea and Black Pearl tea. The origin of bubble tea comes from Taiwan, where the tea-based beverage was developed as early as in the 1980’s. Since then, the popularity of bubble tea has risen considerably around the world, and its popularity continues to grow to this day. In Finland, bubble tea is also called Bubble juice tea, with jelly-like bubbles filled with juice to be added to the drink.

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What is needed to make Bubble tea?

In its simplest form, bubble tea requires flavored tea, flavors such as syrup, milk powder or fruit juice, and of course, the pearls. Traditionally, the pearls are made of tapioca, but now-a-days they can also be replaced with delicious pearls filled with fruit juice. The transparent mug with a straw is the best form for serving. The straw should be larger than normal to allow the pearls to fit through it (about 12mm).

What are the pearls made of?

The name of bubble tea comes from the tapioca pearls, or boba pearls, that are added to the drink. Tapioca pearls are sweet bubbles made from cassava flour and brown sugar. Before cooking, tapioca pearls are brown, but reach their black color and correct composition after cooking. The mouthfeel is slightly reminiscent of fruit candy after preparation.

Instead of Tapioca pearls, various berry- and fruit-flavored pearls can also be used, which consist of juice, starch and sugar. The bubble pearls are gluten-free and vegan.

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The video below shows how tapioca pearls is prepared.

Tapioca pearls or fruit pearls?

We call Bubble tea’s juice-filled bubbles fruit pearls. Our fruit pearls were originally served in Bubble tea, but lately their popularity as a side dish for ice cream portions has grown rapidly.

These gluten-free and vegan fruit pearls contain delicious fruit juices that pop up in your mouth. The fruit pearls have completely renewed the bubble tea and taken the drink to a whole new level!

The production of fruit pearls is based on molecular gastronomy, which means that the fruit juice can be encapsulated in small pearls with the help of a calcium solution and a small amount of sodium alginate. The thin shell of the fruit pearls consists of seaweed extract.

Which tea belongs to the bubble tea?

Virtually any tea can be used in the production of bubble tea. However, black or green tea is often used as the base for the beverage.

Does milk go with bubble tea?

Bubble tea is mainly made from milk tea, but it can also be made according to your own taste as a clear drink by replacing the milk with fruit juice, for example. In other words, only the imagination is the limit in the making of bubble tea.

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How do we make it sweet?

The sweetening of bubble tea is possible with various flavor syrups, traditional granulated sugar, cane sugar, honey or stevia, for example. When using a flavor syrup, a variety of flavors such as mango, strawberry or peach can be easily added to the beverage.

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Should I drink it cold or warm?

Bubble tea can be served both cold and warm. Especially in summer, a cold, ice-chilled fresh alternative is preferred, which can be made from either milk or fruit juice. When made into milk, bubble tea also tastes great as a warm alternative on cold days.

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