Coffee raw-materials

High quality raw materials guarantee a good coffee break!

NESCAFÉ Alegria Smooth coffee

NESCAFÉ Alegria Smooth MRC micro grind coffee contains roasted bean coffee that is 10 times finer ground than a traditional grinding. Micro grind coffee particles complement the flavor, aroma, appearance and texture of the coffee. NESCAFÉ Alegria Smooth is a carefully roasted coffee blend with an elegant and balanced flavor, enhanced by refreshing citrus notes.

NESCAFÉ Espresso

100% Arabica coffee that generates a golden brown crema and has a complex flavor that appeals to most. Fits as well as pure espresso as the base of a cappuccino. Tones of black grapes, sweet plum and medium dark chocolate. A full and fresh coffee that has a long and very pleasant aftertaste of maple syrup.

NESCAFÉ Gold de Luxe / Rich & Smooth

A black intermittent cup of coffee that smells as wonderful as it tastes. Sophisticated, harmonious and aromatic cup that fits just as well black as with milk. Ripe red apples, light chocolate, nougat and nuts. 97 % instant coffee and 3 percent roasted and ground arabica beans.

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