Coffee machines

Always fresh coffee and specialty coffees without waste and mess

Get a hassle-free, easy to use self-service café, which allows you to serve your customers the specialty beverages they desire even if your staff doesn’t have a barista qualification.

NESTLÉ's coffee solutions enable quick service in different places. At the touch of a button you get rich black coffee, milk coffee and delicious specialty coffees espresso, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate and hot water.

NESTLÉ coffee machines use NESCAFÉ coffee produced from freshly harvested and freshly roasted coffee beans. Thanks to the innovative extraction process developed by NESTLÉ, the original coffee flavor and aroma preserve well in the 100% coffee powder which has a long shelf life and a quick solubility in water. NESCAFÉ coffee is produced without additives and your avoid waste because the coffee grounds are recycled for energy production at the NESCAFÉ plant.


  • Set-up
  • Ready to use
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  • With raw materials
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