Fun Pop 8 oz. machine

The stunningly colorful Red Fun Pop 8 oz. popcorn machine is the “big brother” for the 4 oz. machine.

The machine can be placed on the table and runs with mains power. The machine is suitable for example for gas stations, small ice rinks and sports clubs – since it has a capacity of about 120 liters of popcorn per hour. If you have a bigger event coming up, you can also prepare the popcorns even a few hours before the event ready to be sold. Ready made popcorn can then be placed in an airtight food plastic bag.

This popcorn machine has tempered glass, a light and heating. The finished popcorn in the cabinet of the popcorn machine stays warm for several days. There is a pull-out “rubbish” bin at the bottom of the cabinet for easy cleaning. The Popcorn E-Z Kleen cooker (boiler) is made of steel and can be removed for cleaning.

Available as an accessory: red cart

  • Dimensions: width 50 cm, depth 52 cm, height 79 cm
  • 1300 W
  • 10.8 Amp
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