Mr. FunSlush PR 2-tank machine (Classic)

This machine with 2 units follows the same paths as the larger three-taste machine. The oldest Mr. The Funslush Classic slush machine was already installed in 2007 and is still in use today. A safe alternative to where space on the serving line is scarce.

The illuminated taste signs act as a lid for the mind, and can be turned both towards and away from the customer when needed. The control panel in the device is manual, durable and easy to use. The container should be emptied and cleaned once a week.

The Classic Funslush models rental period is either 36 months or limited 6 months rental for seasonal use, eg for the summer.

  • Dimensions: H 69 cm, W 36 cm + 10 cm per side, D 47 cm + 10 cm at the back
  • The tanks 2 x 10 liters
  • The illuminated taste plate can be turned towards the customer or seller
  • Connection: 230V 50Hz
  • Power consumption (normal power connection): 1100W
  • Net weight: 40kg (with drink approx. 60kg)
  • Classic machine can be rented
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