Black Fun Pop 4 oz. machine

A stylish black popcorn machine! The Black Fun Pop 4 oz. popcorn machine is compact and can be placed on a table. The machine is suitable for use in for example kiosks, offices, or sports clubs – with a capacity of about 50 liters of popcorn per hour. The machine runs with mains power. This popcorn machine has tempered glass, light and heating. The finished popcorn in the cabinet of the popcorn machine stays warm for several days. There is a pull-out “rubbish” bin at the bottom of the cabinet for easy cleaning.

The Popcorn E-Z Kleen cooker (boiler) is made of steel and can be removed for cleaning.

Available as an accessory: black cart

  • Dimensions: width 45 cm, depth 44 cm, height 63 cm
  • Weight 22 kg
  • 688 W
  • 5,7 amp
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