Soft Ice concept

Finland’s favorite delicacy – ice cream that melts your mouth. Many studies say the same thing, ice cream is eaten a lot in Finland! Why not take advantage of this fact in your sales?

From Soft Ice you can make a variety of specialties, quickly and with little effort. It works with fresh berries, coffee, cocoa, sauces, sprinkles and other accessories, but it is also delicious as such.

With ice cream, like all other fresh produce, the most important thing is good ingredients and clean machines. Cleanliness is the most important basis for good sales. Soft Ice Cream has a top margin, but the return is earned in quantities. If you want to sell ice cream easily, sell it ready-made from the freezer. But if you want to maximize your return, sell it from a machine and develop your own special portions. It is easy to sell sticks and cones, but only a few get € 2.50 in return on just an ice cream stick.