Popcorn concept

The equipment for popcorn production we represent are high-quality popcorn machines built by Gold Medal. For more information, see PROFESSIONAL POPCORN MACHINES page.

High-quality raw materials and accessories for popcorn production are produced in cooperation with the worldwide known Popz, that also is known in Finland. The raw material that works easiest for making delicious popcorn is Mega-Pop and are sold in dose packs. These dose packs contain everything you need and makes popcorn sales easy.

If you want to make popcorn from corn kernels and then add salt and oil yourself – that’s fine too. SnackFood provides you with corn kernels in sacks, coconut oil canisters or portion packs, and the original popcorn Flavacol salt. Check out the RAW MATERIALS page.

SnackFood also provides you with all accessories needed for selling popcorn. To learn more about popcorn boxes, cones, and other range of accessories on the ACCESSORIES page.

In case you wish to sell pre-made popcorn, we also offer Original-flavored, ready-made popcorn in solid boxes of 60 liters. Flavored popcorn is also available in 0.8-liter jars. For more information, check PRE-MADE POPCORN page.