Lollipop options

Lollipops are sweets that are familiar to everyone and always taste good. At SnackFood you will find large lollipops with hard surfaces and long sales times. That way, you don’t have to worry about rancid products, but you can focus on selling. Our lollipops easily turn to good sales margins since you can buy them in wholesale packages online.

When you purchase a lollipop box, a colorful display package is included. This makes it easy to lift the lollipops to a visible counter or shelf. Isn’t it easy!

Thanks to its long shelf life and appearance, the wholesale packaging of lollipops is perfect for e.g. amusement parks, trade fairs and other customer events. In some cases, our lollipops can be called amusement park lollipops due to their visibility and size. Despite its name, lollipops can be sold anywhere, in any season throughout the year.

Our lollipops are available in larger wholesale packages or smaller individual batches. Just add the number of lollipops you want to the cart and fill in your contact information and we will contact you. Please note that we only sell lollipops to companies and associations.

You can also get a plastic lollipop rack from SnackFood, which allows you to arrange the lollipops spectacularly on three different levels.

The selection of our lollipop boxes is renewed seasonally, if you can’t find the lollipop you are looking for – just contact us.