Candy Machines

There is one thing that never go out of style among children. Candy makes a smile on every child’s mouth, but that tends to be the case also with adults!

SnackFood offers two candy vending machine models: Millions and Pucker Powder. The candy machines are spectacular and effortless. Millions candies are chevy, sweet and soft candy balls and Pucker Powder candies are powders sold into tubes.

You get everything you need from SnackFood; from the installation of the candy machine to the raw materials. Rent or buy your own, the decision is yours.
From both Millions and Pucker Powder vending machines, candies are dispensed and sold into a candy tube.

Whether you are looking for a candy machine for a café, amusement park, indoor swimming hall, association, hotel or just about anywhere with children, our candy machine is an easy choice.

Contact us and we will take care you find the best solution for you!