FunSnacks concept

With our salty FunSnacks, you arouse the thirst of every customer! FunSnacks is suitable for all occasions and tastes good for all ages.

Our snacks have especially been a great success in cinemas, sports and event arenas, amusement parks, festivals as well as bars and nightclubs. Snacks are available in two delicious flavors: Bacon FunSnacks and SourCream & Onion FunSnacks, one of which has a taste of smoked bacon and the other a garlic taste with a touch of cayenne pepper.

FunSnacks are easy to serve from heating cabinets, where they are kept warm and crunchy. In addition, we also deliver serving boxes that make selling of FunSnacks easy for you.

Your sales margin with our FunSnacks concept is as high as 84%.
Send us a message to info(at) for more information if this lucrative concept sounds interesting.