Cotton Candy concept

The real FunFood product for both customers and sellers is of course the classic cotton candy. Several of our customers have already made a return on their investment in cotton candy equipment during the first weekend!

If you are looking for an interesting concept to increase cash flow in an association, club, school or why not in your own company, then cotton candy sales are your choice! The profit margin is unbeatable – namely 90%!

Get a decent cotton candy machine that will not leave you in the lurch! The machine is easy to maintain, has a 12-month warranty and access to service and spare parts from SnackFood is guaranteed. From GoldMedal’s range of professional equipment, we offer you a good cotton candy machine that lasts from year to year!

From SnackFood you get all the supplies for making cotton candy: cotton candy sticks, -bags and special sugar. Note! For these machines, always use a grain size of sugar that corresponds to granulated sugar. This is how your device works best. The sugar supplied by SnackFood has everything you need: a delicious taste, distinct colors and the grain size of the sugar is optimized for these machines.