Bubble tea Fruit Syrups 2 l and 300 ml

With flavored syrups, you can easily and effortlessly season a bubble tea, bobate, juice drink or even a portion of ice cream. SnackFood offers a variety of syrup flavors and pack sizes.

In the selection you will find for example strawberry, mango and pineapple as well as many other flavors. Choose a 0.3l or 2l pack size. Order either individually or in larger boxes 12 x 0.3l or 5 x 2l according to your needs. Please note that we only supply our products to companies and associations.

With larger 2l flavor syrups, you should check out the pump dispenser, which allows you to dispense the syrup easily and hygienically.

And don’t forget other bubble tea accessories like tapioca pearls. Combine flavor syrups and different pearls to experience a new kind of taste. Both are great for e.g. for decorating and seasoning desserts such as ice cream.