Bubble & Boba Tea concept

NEW! Pearl tea, Boba Bubble Tea, can be easily made from green tea extract or by extracting milk.

The raw materials used for preparation vary, but most simply the tea drink is prepared with flavored syrup and tapioca pearls made from cassava powder and brown sugar. Alternatively, Tapioca pearls can be replaced with various fruit or berry-flavored bubble pearls. Bubble tea is usually served as ice cold, but especially if the bubble tea is made into milk, it can also be served hot.

In our selection:
– Flavored syrup in two-liter and 0.3 l pack sizes
– Tapioca and Bubble tea pearls in three different pack sizes
– Accessories and sales units for serving bubble tea
– Green tea extract and milk powder

You get everything you need to make and serve Bubble tea from us! If you have any questions, we are happy to help info (at) snackfood.fi.

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