How about selling Mr. Bobcorn?

Little effort, quick preparation and affordable popcorn raw materials and the selling price is also right on point!

Heat cabinet is your answer for successful Funsnacks sales

Sell FunSnacks and Popcorn spectacularly from a warming cabinet that keeps the products fresh and tasty!

Finland's best-selling Icy Slush Drink is found at Snackfood!

Now also sugar-free flavors!

NEW! Combine your favorite Waffle with a scoop of delicious Soft Ice!

With our versatile waffle irons you can create popular Bubble Waffles as well as traditional flower waffles

Snackfood goes Bubble Tea!

Have you tasted yet?

The Bubble Tea mania has arrived to Finland and Snackfood delivers all supplies you need for sales!

Ready-made concepts for yummy sales!

Snackfood has been Finland’s market leader since 2006.

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Delicious Funfood concept to order with experience from the industry’s market leader

We do not only offer machines and ingredients, but instead we offer complete concepts that converts into high profit for your business. From Snackfood you get the most delicious products to take your SALES and PROFIT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Try out our PROFIT CALCULATOR at the end of the page, and note the potential profit our concepts can offer your business.

Find out for yourself what to sell and what not to sell.

Here you can calculate how much you make margin and get an offer at the same time!

You will receive an offer in your email in 60 seconds, which will show you how much margin is left below the line with our concepts.

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