SnackFood concepts. Good taste sells.

...FIT & FRESH Smoothie. . . . . . . No extra sugar. . . . . . . . . .3 tasty flavors!......NEW MR. FUNSLUSH FLAVORS AVAILABLE!......KANE´S PASADENA PINCH & KANE´S CHULA VISTA CRUSH.......

Make good gross profit with FIT & FRESH Smoothie concept! Every day!

Three delicious Smoothie flavours:

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Our products will bring a smile
to the customer's as well as the seller's face.

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The customer gets a delicious flavor experience and the seller gets a fair profit. That will turn a frown upside down both ways. Sell less, earn more defines our customers' train of thought well. Lively 1500 outlets all around Finland enjoy the good gross profit and happy customers, join the party because the customer is always right.

Life, it has to taste good. And good flavor. It always sells.